2007 Discourses of homeland, displacement and exile in Yezidi songs from Armenia

Affiche Yezidi FrankfurtYezidism in Transition - Communities at home and in the Diapora, 12-15 April, University of Frankfurt am Main.

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In today’s Armenia, songs play an important role in the dynamics of the Yezidi community’s representations and definitions of self. They seriously help construct notions of “us” and “others”. They also help shape notions of space and territory. “Our lands”, the “damned lands”, “exile” in this world or in the other are entailed in the constant singing on departures and arrivals of the living or of the dead.

This presentation focuses on funeral songs, mostly (but not exclusively) performed by women, in order to examine the interrelations among homeland, displacement and exile as experienced by women living in Yezidi villages in Armenia.